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Alex Riccardi was born in Turin, Italy on April 21, 1980. He naturally gravitated towards rhythm, tapping out patterns on any surface he could find but it was only when he was 11 years old that he realized he wanted to play the drums! Since then, Alex has studied with many masters and he's been fortunate enough to have played with a myriad of musicians in amazing venues all across Europe. He is now based in the UK where he teaches and plays professionally.

He's studied under countless masters including Louis Atzori, Furio Chirico, jazz musician Enzo Zirilli and Mario Bracco. He also studied at Drumtech (now BIMM) and completed a 6 month diploma in Popular Music Performance in 2005.

He began playing professional in the late '90s. In the 00's, he collaborated with guitarist, producer and session musician Silvio Puzzolu (famous for his work with Mia Martini, Loredana Bertè, Ivano Fossati, Eugenio Finardi), singer/comedian Marco Carena (Maurizio Costanzo Show), percussionist and singer Vito Miccolis (Tribà and Dottor Losapio) and producers Steve Power (famous for his work with Robbie Williams) and Pete Davis (famous for his work with Peter Gabriel).

In 2011 he decided to move to London in order to advance his career and expand his network by tapping into a bigger music community. So far, he's worked with many function bands as well as artists like Waliyah (Pop R'n'B), Tuesday Project (Pop), JJ Symon (Rock Blues) and Gary Powell (The Libertines.

Alex is passionate about music and is always striving to become a better musician which is evident from his constant thirst for music knowledge. His lengthy and varied experience allows him to play in many music styles with great confidence. He currently works with Absolute Bowie tribute band maintaining a constant busy concert schedule and teaches from his studio in the Croydon area and Bermondsey.

Teaching location: Croydon, Bermondsey


Phone 1: 07427 761179

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