Tutor Profile: Paul Simpson


I was born in Middlesbrough on 21st May 1987. My family have a fairly strong heritage of brass banding, particularly through my grandparents and their extended families. From a very young age I showed signs of having a natural ability for rythm, tapping away on pots and pans, the banister up the stairs - absolutely anything in fact! Driving my parents up the wall in the process! I got my first "proper" drum kit at the age of 7, moving on from toy drums and having lessons on other people's kits, and my earliest memory of it is playing Jingle Bells on it on Christmas Day (the day I got it)!

I was born into a Salvation Army family so this is where my earliest drumming experience took place, being a member of the Young People's Band (brass) and receiving lessons from the drummer/percussionist from the Senior band. I also received drum lessons in primary and senior school from Kel Dennis, who was/is a legend in my local area for being such a brilliant teacher and encourager. He did so much for the music scene in schools and he was ever so patient with me as I was extremely shy in my younger years and barely said a word in lessons sometimes! May he rest in peace.

My passion for music, and in particular for drumming, took me to Middlesbrough College where I gained a BTEC National Diploma in Music Performance and Practice.

I still play regularly with brass bands and recently toured Canada and the USA with a band, culminating in partaking in the Great American Brass Band Festival in Danville. I have also played drums/percussion for many school productions, including Oliver, Fiddler on the Roof and Back to the 80s.

I am extremely keen to improve my own playing, while at the same time bringing other people to the world of drums and percussion and helping them uncover their passion and talent for such an amazing instrument.

Teaching location: Guisborough


Phone 1: 01287 204951

Phone 2: 07983 895367

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