Tutor Profile: Elliott Jones


I have been playing drums for just over 20 years, and have gained a huge amount of experience playing lots of different styles and genres with many different bands, and teaching drums at rock schools and at home.
I currently play on average three gigs per week at the moment, with two different bands, a covers function band, and another band that plays, writes, and records our own music.

I have played drums and toured around Europe and the UK In venues with audience attendances ranging from 50, to 5000 people, and have recorded in lots of world class studios, recording music for TV ads and films.

In 2010, my band were single of the week on BBC radio 2, Mark Radcliffe/Stuart Maconnie show.

Here are some links to recordings that I have played on -




Teaching location: Neath


Phone 1: 07411 237996

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