Colin Woolway's Teasers


There's nothing like a bit of inspiration! This month's Teaser was inspired by two events. First seeing one of Mark Mondesir's superb clinics, and second, the National Music Show. Mark's idea that you can superimpose 7 against 5 (and resolve every 35 notes!) inspired the following teaser. But at the NMS, the number of drummers who told me that they enjoyed having a go at this column every month even though they don't read music, inspired me to use the following form of presentation. So here we go ...

Each line represents a bar of sixteenth notes and the exercise is two bars long. The top line of sixteenth notes instructs the left hand and the middle line the right hand (the bottom line is a key to both hands). Only play the black dots.

The right hand is playing in groups of seven, subdivided into 2-2-3. The left hand plays groups of subdivided 3-2. There is a sticking pattern underneath to help those who don't read music, but remember to leave a space when there's no black dot for either hand.

To make it groove, try playing with your right hand on the bell of the ride cymbal, and your left hand clave or cross-stick, with latin style bass and hi-hat. You should get a crazy bossa-type rhythm.