Colin Woolway's Teasers

What's That Knocking?

Although this is the January issue of Rhythm, I have a feeling that you may be reading this in December, so happy Christmas! Now pay attention. Take a stick in your left hand, hold it traditional grip. Place the stick tip down firmly on the snare and strike it about half way up with the right stick. I used to call it 'the poor man's rimshot', but many jazz drummers made an art out of playing like this. 

Now loosen your hold on the left stick slightly and you'll find that when you hit it, the stick rattles against the head of the drum. With a little sympathetic repositioning, you can make the left stick dance in your hand, depending on how you hit it with the right. You can make the stick bounce once, twice or three times.

Try this routine. A "rimshot" played by striking the left stick will look like this:

And the resulting bounces are written as normal snare notes. So:

A bonus teaser this month from Simon Mellish: a strange, syncopated samba: