Percussion Mic: D2 Dynamic Tom, Conga Mic

By Audix

£109.95 + P&P

Dynamic Hypercardioid, tom & conga mic

For bringing out the real, dynamic sound of your drum toms and congas, nothing beats (ha, ha) the D2! The D2 accurately reproduces the warmth and punch you listen for from percussion, leaving out the muddy, indistinct "boom" that can mar recording. The D2's natural warmth also makes it a great mic for saxophones and other woodwinds requiring a true, sensitive, yet big, reproduction.

Considered to be the ultimate tom mic, the D-2 is designed to capture the warmth and punch of instruments with upper mid bass. The D-2 is the perfect combination of attack and decay and can be successfully used with very little or no gating.

Instrument Dynamic
144dB SPL
Proprietary anti-feedback design
Durable scratch resistant spring steel grille
Black Hard-coat Finish
Isolates each instrument's "sweet" spot
Gold plated contacts
VLM™ Very low mass diphragm
Reduced phase shift
Superior transient response
Pouch & clip included
Application specific microphones
Individually tested & hand assembled
Highest levels of gain before feedback
Exceptional off-axis rejection
Built to last a lifetime