Percussion Mic D Series Kit - DP5

By Audix

£599.95 + P&P

5 piece drum mic set

Putting mics on a drum kit used to be "hit or miss." Mismatched mics can cause even the best drums to sound too thin or too boomy. And in today's music, the drums are more important than ever in establishing the groove, so why risk disaster when Audix - a world leader in instrument mics - offers up specially designed drum mic packages that deliver a rich, balanced sound. Investing in an Audix DP-Series mic set ensures your drums are heard loud, clear and punchy on stage or in the studio! They're a great resource for any musician or sound engineer who needs a simple, dependable solution to miking percussion.

The Audix DP-5a Package Includes:

One i-5 snare mic
Two D-2 tom mics
One D-4 floor tom mic
One D-6 kick drum mic
Four D-Vice gooseneck clips
One heavy duty aluminum road case