Great Hands For A Lifetime

By Tommy Igoe

£17.95 + P&P

Great Hands For A Lifetime, a new DVD from Tommy Igoe, the world-renowned drummer, educator and star of the Groove Essentials™ series of educational DVDs, books and play-along CDs. While Groove Essentials has become the new standard for mastering a variety of musical styles and drumset patterns, Great Hands… focuses on developing and maintaining the physical tools that are essential for every drummer and drumming application: their hands.
“Solid technique is never about winning a speed contest or mastering any particular trick, it’s about having the foundation to play whatever you want and stay healthy doing it,” explains Igoe. “Behind the drumset, we all have different musical goals and I want to give everyone the tools they need to realize their individual dreams. Great Hands… doesn’t use a ‘method’, but rather shows the practical concepts I use myself and have refined over 25 years of private instruction. This approach allows everyone to find what works best for them rather than forcing anyone to follow a particular set of ‘rules’.”