How To Teach Drums

By Claire Brock

£10.99 + P&P

In How to Teach Drums, Claire Brock guides you through all the different areas needed not only to get started, but to set you on the path to becoming an excellent drum teacher. As well as helping you to decide for yourself what you want to teach and how to teach it, you'll cover where you can teach, how to advertise and get new students, building a website, making YouTube videos and much more. The book also includes a dedicated section on the growing area of teaching online using Skype.

Whether you're hoping to add a little extra regular income or earn a full time living, How to Teach Drums, written in plain English, gives you all the information you need to build your business and become a successful drum teacher. Includes a foreword by Craig Blundell.

“What makes you a great teacher? Where do you start? There is the big question and one that I always get asked. If you want to build a solid foundation for teaching and being a better musician, here is the right place.” - Craig Blundell.

"This book contains some really valuable advice and embraces not only lesson planning but contemporary aspects of teaching such as as Skype teaching, website building and YouTube videos. Claire delivers her wisdom in a user friendly manner, devoid of jargon, her tips on advertising and things like Public Liability are just the kind of advice an aspiring teacher could use, and she even has tips on dress sense which if you’ve never taught in a school before you might not have thought of.

"Anyone thinking seriously of getting into teaching should get a copy and keep it within reach."
- Colin Woolway.